Juror in the Sarah Stern murder trial dismissed; judge considers request for mistrial


The jury for the Sarah Stern murder trial has been sent home for the day after one of them was dismissed, and now the judge is considering a request for a mistrial.

The dismissal is all over a social media post, made last week, apparently by one of the jurors posting on Facebook that she was on the panel.

The post is against the judge’s rules in the case, and for that, she was dismissed.

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Other jurors were questioned this morning about whether they knew about the post, the dismissal and whether this would affect their own judgement.

Some had heard about the post, but most said it wouldn’t affect them as jurors, but the judge still took a recess to consider the situation.

The defense attorney for suspect Liam McAtasney, accused of killing Stern two years ago, asked the judge for a mistrial.

The prosecution is clearly not on board with that.

The judge is expected to call everyone back for Thursday morning, giving all parties time to research argument.

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