Tom Brady bombshell: I got so wild at Patriots party

Tom Brady is slipping.

The Patriots superstar did not celebrate his sixth Super Bowl title with a workout with Alex Guerrero. He did not go On To Week 1 next season and begin studying potential opponents. It sounds as if he did not even eat a “nutrient-dense meal” for dinner, as his diet prescribes/demands.

No, the 41-year-old partied hard and drank alcohol, and you have to wonder if it got so crazy he dared to eat a strawberry.

“I had a great time. I definitely didn’t get to sleep,” Brady told WEEI on Tuesday, describing the revelry following Sunday’s 13-3 Super Bowl title win over the Rams. “It was a great party. It was right at the hotel. I got back, changed, went down, had a lot of friends there. Everyone got to celebrate together. Then we went and watched at the concert a bunch of the performances. We certainly had more drinks than I’ve probably had in a whole year combined in one night. So it was a lot of fun. A lot of fun.”

Brady has confessed/bragged in the past that his strict bedtime is 8:30. Maybe he swung that from p.m. to a.m. for a night — and perhaps even two.

Brady ignored Bill Belichick’s commands and took One Day Off Tuesday, wasting time by indulging in the New England victory parade, where eyewitnesses, granted anonymity, spotted alcohol on the premises.

This is the sixth time Brady is using his valuable time to allow others to salute him, but he tried to justify not acting like he’s been there before.

“It may not be my first time or Jules’ [Edelman] first time or Gronk’s or Devin [McCourty’s] or [Matthew Slater], but there’s lots of guys who it is their first time,” he said. “Trent Brown, Sony [Michel], all of these guys who have contributed in such a big way. You play for each other. They get to celebrate with their families and we talk for a long time about writing the final chapter. This team is going to get remembered in the history books for what happened.”

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